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Expand Your Home, Outdoors

At Architectural Gardens, Inc., we turn plain old yards into truly usable outdoor rooms. We change eyesores into outdoor escapes you’ll want to linger in. We create interest and inspiration in backyards that lack both.

We are a fully integrated landscape design/build company serving the Annapolis area. Our strengths include horticulture, landscape design, landscape construction, landscape maintenance, storm water management, lighting, irrigation, and tree care. 

Featured Project – Annapolis, Maryland

Our summer featured project is on location in Annapolis, involving a landscape renovation that includes a custom water feature and native plantings combined with PA fieldstone boulder hardscapes.  The end result is a natural outdoor environment that is low-maintenance, user friendly and provides year-round interest.  Read more…

Expand your home, outdoors – this is our specialty.

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Expand your home, outdoors.