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Putting Spring in Our Step

Tucson, Arizona – Putting Spring in my Step After the cold, wet, grey winter…and before pre-season madness, I took a little jaunt to Tucson, Arizona.  It was late February and spring was just beginning. The complete opposite of Maryland, Tucson brought me sunshine and 80-degree days. Since I’m always preaching about storm water management (being [...]

2014 Landscaping Trends: Sustainability Tops List

With this latest snow storm, and bizarre weather across the U.S., we are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change, adopting more environmentally-friendly practices at home, work and everywhere in between. Leading the charge is Architectural Gardens, creating beautiful and sustainable outdoor environments.

Color up your Landscape with Flowering Bulbs

Now is the best time to plant bulbs (corms, rhizomes, tuberous roots) in early fall when the soil is warm and root systems can begin to get established. Don’t wait for bulbs to go on sale at your local nursery when the stock has been picked over and the ideal planting time has come and gone. Here [...]

Top 10 Picks for Sustainable All-Season Gardens

Imagine a garden with blooms and color all year round. Now is the time to plant hardy, sustainable, envrionmentally friendly perennials that will make your garden interesting in every season

Saving the Bay, One Rain Garden at a Time

Why plant a rain garden? Missy Jones talks with Carter Gibson, the first person ever to commission a rain garden from Architectural Gardens. Click on the link below to hear what he has to say… plus, other tips on ecologically-friendly landscaping.

Beat the Winter Blues, Plan Your Outdoor Living Space Today

Beat the Winter Blues, Make Your Landscaping Plans Today
If these dreary days are getting you down, we’ve got the perfect cure for you. Stop moping and start getting serious about your landscaping plans, throw yourself into it and you’ll cheer up right away. The winter months are the ideal time to engage a landscaper (like Architectural Gardens) and an ideal time to install hardscapes, such as patios and pathways. Who knows? On Valentine’s Day, you could be, you could be romancing the stone as well as romancing your sweetheart.

2013 Landscaping Design Trends

2013 Landscaping Trends
Missy Jones, co-owner of Architectural Gardens, peers into her crystal ball and predicts that next year’s landscaping designs will continue to blend our desire for luxury with our drive to conserve money, energy and the environment. Emeralds will also play prominently in our future, read more to find out why.

Renovating your Home? Don’t forget the landscaping!

From eye sore to eye-catching! When a client was building a new addition, Architectural Gardens was called in to do the landscaping. Take note of how we transformed a crammed, anything-goes backyard into Into an inviting outdoor living and entertaining area.

Three Easy Steps to Affordable Landscaping

Three Easy Steps to Affordable Landscaping
Are you one of those of people who wants to get more living out of your landscaping? Who wants more than just curb appeal? Don’t get us wrong, curb appeal is important and it certainly improves property value, but it doesn’t always extend our living space. And that’s what we want these days, right? We want to be outside as much as possible, to convert our yards, gardens and patios into livable spaces to entertain, to relax, to experience nature. The question becomes: how to do it on a budget. No matter the size of your budget, there are steps you can take to ensure you stay within it.

The Effect of a Mild Winter

For the most part, this winter has been uncharacteristically mild with inadequate precipitation in our area.  Jake Crouch, a climate scientist at the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, NC states, “The Northeast region had their fifth warmest December on record, and January has been warmer than average.”  This pattern has seemed to continue into [...]

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