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Big Love of Big Lawns = Big Trouble

Many homeowners are waking up to fact that big lawns require more fertilizer, pesticides and drink up precious water supplies. Find out the benefits of downsizing your lawn and adding landscaping to introduce yearlong interest to your outdoor space.

Rain Garden Tips

Designed to collect runoff from roofs, driveways and other hard surfaces, rain gardens are 3-12 inch deep, saucer-shaped depressions filled with loose soil, rocks and native plants. Approximately 70 percent of pollution is caused by storm water runoff. Rain gardens help to reduce storm water pollution by capturing the runoff before it enters the drains. [...]

Just A Thought (or two)…

When one’s car is in need of a good washing, most of us forget how damaging soaps and other chemicals can be to the environment and even to our vehicles. Detergents and spray-on waxes create surface build-up on your vehicle and allow for the sun to literally bake the surface. Detergents also cause rubber parts [...]

Rain Barrels

When it Rains it Pours Rain barrels collect and store rain runoff from the roof, by connecting to the home’s downspout. During the summer months, rain barrels can save the homeowner up to 1,300 gallons of water. Whether homemade or purchased, rain barrels are available in many styles and colors to suit just about any [...]

Watering 101

According to the 2010 Farmers Almanac a warm dry April/May and a cool dry summer is expected. As my dad always says “we live in an area of averages”, so with above average moisture levels for 2009, it isn’t surprising that we are due for a dry 2010. Since spring has been unnaturally warm, windy [...]

Sustainable Landscaping is…..

Conservation of our natural resources, preservation of our “sense of place”, and protection of our wildlife. Meadows not mowers Rain gardens not storm water runoff Native plants not invasive plants Harvesting water not wasting water Encouraging wildlife not destroying natural habitats Integrated Pest Management (IPM) not mindless pesticide applications Composting not discarding Organics not chemicals [...]

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