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Big Love of Big Lawns = Big Trouble

Many homeowners are waking up to fact that big lawns require more fertilizer, pesticides and drink up precious water supplies. Find out the benefits of downsizing your lawn and adding landscaping to introduce yearlong interest to your outdoor space.

Treat Your Landscape like Yourself

Imagine you’ve spent the past year getting into shape; you exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and are minimizing stress. You feel great. You look great. Everyone is complimenting you; your doctor tells you to keep up the good work. Do you stop doing what you’re doing and go back to your unhealthy habits? No way! [...]

Beat the Winter Blues, Plan Your Outdoor Living Space Today

Beat the Winter Blues, Make Your Landscaping Plans Today
If these dreary days are getting you down, we’ve got the perfect cure for you. Stop moping and start getting serious about your landscaping plans, throw yourself into it and you’ll cheer up right away. The winter months are the ideal time to engage a landscaper (like Architectural Gardens) and an ideal time to install hardscapes, such as patios and pathways. Who knows? On Valentine’s Day, you could be, you could be romancing the stone as well as romancing your sweetheart.

2013 Landscaping Design Trends

2013 Landscaping Trends
Missy Jones, co-owner of Architectural Gardens, peers into her crystal ball and predicts that next year’s landscaping designs will continue to blend our desire for luxury with our drive to conserve money, energy and the environment. Emeralds will also play prominently in our future, read more to find out why.

To Cable or to Cut, That is the Question

You don’t need to be a landscape designer to love and appreciate trees, especially the ones that have grown up around you and are old and gnarly and have somehow managed to survive storms, droughts and encroaching development.

Hints for Spring – Flowering Bulbs

Time is of the essence It is important that spring-flowering bulbs grow roots in the fall before the ground freezes and the cooling process of winter begins.  The earlier you plant them in the fall, the better the chance that the bulbs will thrive for more than one season. Soil prep and planting When you [...]

Renovating your Home? Don’t forget the landscaping!

From eye sore to eye-catching! When a client was building a new addition, Architectural Gardens was called in to do the landscaping. Take note of how we transformed a crammed, anything-goes backyard into Into an inviting outdoor living and entertaining area.

Hurricane Sandy: a wake-up call?

Hurricane Sandy: Our Wake-up Call? How many flooded basements, washed out driveways and trees falling on rooftops will it take before we finally realize that hurricanes can do a lot more than leave us in the dark for days?

Fertilizing 101: Fall is the time

Many people are under the misconception that the best time to fertilize is spring. That’s true for flowers, but not so true for trees, shrubs and grasses, when actually the optimum time is in October and November right before dormancy when root systems are most active and most hungry for nutrients. Read Fertilizing 101 for the full story!

Three Easy Steps to Affordable Landscaping

Three Easy Steps to Affordable Landscaping
Are you one of those of people who wants to get more living out of your landscaping? Who wants more than just curb appeal? Don’t get us wrong, curb appeal is important and it certainly improves property value, but it doesn’t always extend our living space. And that’s what we want these days, right? We want to be outside as much as possible, to convert our yards, gardens and patios into livable spaces to entertain, to relax, to experience nature. The question becomes: how to do it on a budget. No matter the size of your budget, there are steps you can take to ensure you stay within it.

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