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Putting Spring in Our Step

Tucson, Arizona – Putting Spring in my Step After the cold, wet, grey winter…and before pre-season madness, I took a little jaunt to Tucson, Arizona.  It was late February and spring was just beginning. The complete opposite of Maryland, Tucson brought me sunshine and 80-degree days. Since I’m always preaching about storm water management (being [...]

2014 Landscaping Trends: Sustainability Tops List

With this latest snow storm, and bizarre weather across the U.S., we are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change, adopting more environmentally-friendly practices at home, work and everywhere in between. Leading the charge is Architectural Gardens, creating beautiful and sustainable outdoor environments.

Refresh your Landscape with Water

Now that the rains of June and early July have stopped, we find ourselves longing for the wet stuff again, not the kind that falls from the sky but the kind that babbles, tumbles and sprays — from ground level. I’m talking about fountains, ponds and waterfalls. As soon as we get around water, our [...]

Managing Your Gardens in Wet Weather

Architectural Gardens, a professional landscaping company in Annapolis, with some advice on maintaining your landscape and gardens despite record rainfall in the Chesapeake region. Learn how to prune plants and shrubs to improve ventilation and deter wood rot, combat mold and fungus, and manually readjust irrigation systems to avoid over watering, prevent Phyohthora root rot and minimize standing water where mosquitoes can breed.

Saving the Bay, One Rain Garden at a Time

Why plant a rain garden? Missy Jones talks with Carter Gibson, the first person ever to commission a rain garden from Architectural Gardens. Click on the link below to hear what he has to say… plus, other tips on ecologically-friendly landscaping.

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