Plants add interest, drama and movement to the garden, softening the edges of hardscapes, and providing  a food source and natural habitats for our wildlife. At Architectural Gardens, our landscape design goal is to create your garden with color and texture 12 months of the year. We start the planting process with trees and shrubs that are the framework of the garden, dividing spaces, and screening unwanted views. Next, we layer with ornamental grasses and perennials to bring life into the garden. With such use of  “groundcovers”, the garden experiences a rebirth every year that continues to delight by the energy of each changing season.

Knowing plants is the key to making a garden that sustains itself over the years. Examples of planting plans offered:

  • Native planting
  • Low maintenance planting
  • Sustainable landscaping
  • Rain gardens
  • Shady gardens
  • Xeriscaping gardens
  • Monochromatic gardens
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