"Thank you for the beautiful landscaping that you did at the entrance of Clipper Cay.  I have heard nothing but compliments on the beautiful work that you did.  Everyone was amazed that you got so much done in one day.  Thank you for making me look good."

Lillian Malkus

Our Process

Before a paver is placed or a spade ever pierces the earth, we make sure we listen closely to your needs. We ask questions. We hear you out. If you have ideas or magazine clippings, we put them all into the mix. We take a peek inside your house to better understand your style, lifestyle and values. Our aim is to create flow: both from the inside of your home out, and the outside in.

Most importantly, we walk your site and take a read of the land, looking closely at topography, grade changes, pitfalls and potential. By doing so, we unearth the hidden possibilities each site offers.

As soon as all this research and information is in place, we turn our knowledge, horticultural training, instinct and landscape design expertise into practical ideas and affordable solutions for your review. We offer you a conceptual design with drawings and/or sketches that we can discuss, evolve and tweak.

Once the landscape plan is finalized and approved, we are hands-on and on-site, sweating the details and managing the project through to completion.

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Expand your home, outdoors.