Eckert Residence – Landscape Renovation, Annapolis, Maryland

Our summer featured project is on location in Annapolis, involving a landscape renovation that includes a custom water feature and native plantings combined with PA fieldstone boulder hardscapes.  The end result is a natural outdoor environment that is low-maintenance, user friendly and provides year-round interest.

The homeowners are both busy entrepreneurs:  AJ is a Coldwell Banker realtor and MJ is an RN and co-founder of Lice Happens. They wanted to beautify their back yard and at the same time they wanted to reduce the amount of maintenance.  The yard consisted of the pool area surrounded by fencing and an old failing retaining wall that totally closed off a good portion of the back yard.  Vegetation had overgrown the wall and it was a maintenance chore to keep the overgrown ivy and more, in check.  All of the vegetation gave the space a claustrophobic, suffocating feeling.

This before picture shows the overgrown vegetation and what you don’t see is the fencing that is on the retaining wall.  It is completely hidden.

Phase one of the project consisted of general clean-up. The fence, retaining wall and vegetation were removed.  The instant result was that the extensive back yard opened into a whole new vista.

Phase two- hardscaping. The client chose a concept that used medium PA fieldstone boulders installed in an informal grouping to retain the grade change and offer additional stadium seating poolside.

This picture shows the work in progress as the hardscaping was installed.  Now you can see the upper level and the whole back yard.

The “boulder wall” was intersected with two curved access steps, also constructed of natural PA stone steppers.  The steppers flow around what was initially a pondless waterfall feature which evolved into a small pond complete with goldfish, water lilies and a waterfall providing additional enjoyment.

We presented our friends with more than one option to choose from and after the choice of one main concept, this project evolved even further as the installation progressed.  At Architectural Gardens, we take pride in our flexibility and our ability to focus not only on the client’s immediate needs and budget, but to anticipate and leave the opportunity for additional development in the future.  Today’s final project can stand alone or it can be the initial phase of an even greater outdoor master plan.